We held a Press Conference on Evaluation of 2019 and Expectations of 2020.

Our Chairman of the Board of Directors Recep Bağlamış held a press conference on Media Representatives operating in our city on the subject of “Evaluation of 2019 and Expectations of 2020”.
President Baglam said the following on the subject.

Our country's economy left behind a very difficult year. Our private sector continued to increase its production and exports despite the many difficulties it faced.

While our real sector continues to grow our country's economy in this period with its hardworking and dynamism, TOBB, our principal representative, has become the focus of attention for entrepreneurs.
We offer services to our entrepreneurs both inside and outside of our city with our constantly increasing activities, our growing institutional capacity, and make their voices heard by representing them in the best way.

We transformed our stock exchange into an institution that produces and supports services in areas that the private sector needs. By successfully implementing the accreditation system that aims to provide the highest quality service to our members, we offer services at international standards.

While creating solutions for the business world of our city, we also contribute to the development of our country's human capital.

Our mission is to ensure that all our members have the opportunity to compete at world standards. Private sector's umbrella organization which represents and essential mechanism, Turkey Chambers and Stock Exchanges in line with the goal of becoming a stronger Kayseri working in line with the leadership of our Union will continue to progress.

I am honored to present our 2018 Agriculture and Livestock activity report, which includes the works we have carried out with this awareness of responsibility, for your information and examinations.

I wholeheartedly thank all my colleagues and valuable staff who have made our activities with their devoted efforts.

Dear Media Members;
Turkey has a deep-rooted knowledge and experience in agriculture and livestock production. Turkey does deserve to be one of the world's leading agricultural producers with potential.
Increasingly, food security has become an important issue for the world as well, because in the coming years, being a self-sufficient country and ensuring the food supply security of the country will be of great importance.

Therefore, increasing agricultural and animal production is essential. The crucial point of this issue is that; As a nation with a strong agricultural background, we must constantly think innovative as the condition of keeping up with progressive changing conditions by taking power from our experience and knowledge.

We need to correct the perception of being a peasant, being a farmer, dealing with agriculture and the level of development.
Instead of creating large-scale agricultural firms from the point of attracting new investors, we believe that there should be gradual change by supporting small and medium-sized investors. In other words, we should make more efforts to turn our small and medium-sized businesses into large ones.
Kayseri is the center of the region in agriculture and animal husbandry as well as in industry and trade. However, this potential is unfortunately not increasingly blunted.

Our city is ranked 6th in terms of agricultural land in Turkey, public investment in agriculture in 2008, 5 in 2019 declined to queue in the line of the 20th. Despite all our efforts and calls, IPARD covering 42 provinces could not be brought to Kayseri and Kayseri was not covered by IPARD.

Again, in our province, despite the reports and calls we have submitted to establish agriculture-industry integration with the establishment of İHTİSAS OIZ, no result has been obtained. At these points, we expect support from all our politicians, regardless of the party. We are ready to do whatever falls on us in this matter.

Despite these disadvantages, we, as Kayseri Commodity Exchange, started the two very important projects in 2019.

Our first project; We held the tender for the live animal stock exchange Project, one of the most important deficiencies in Kayseri. Hopefully, we would like to open the largest live stock exchange of Icanaadolu in a short time.
The second is; We have started our project studies for the marketing of important cereal products of Kayseri such as pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and establishment of a cereal trade center to increase production.
In 2019, we have shown many breakthroughs to be with our members and our city.

We have reported the problems conveyed to us and presented them to our agriculture ministry, trade ministry and deputies and searched for a solution.

As Kayseri Commodity Exchange, we will continue to emphasize that we have constantly emphasized the need to work on National Agricultural Policy and strategic products.

We are constantly working on supporting the unique products of each region, switching to regional production, creating a quota system, and thus farmer and grower relief in our region.

Land consolidation is one of the most important issues for our country and our producer. 


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