Registration Procedures

The purchase and sale transactions (import, export, purchase and sale) made on the minimum amounts of the stock market items must be registered to the stock exchanges. The registration process is registered within thirty days at the latest after the purchase and sale transaction takes place. In case the registration obligation is not fulfilled within this period, the registration fee is collected by fifty percent more.

The registration fee is one and a half over the net amount (VAT free). If the legal period has passed, a fifty percent delay increase is applied. Registration fee is not taken in export registrations. The trading declaration is issued in three copies.

Matters to be taken into consideration during the registration process;

Checking whether the declaration has been duly filled, the date when the transaction was made and the date when it was registered, checking the price, whether these prices reflect the actual and reasonable prices, checking the signatures in the declaration, checking whether these signatures belong to the authorized persons to sign, If the stocks are kept by our stock exchange, to check whether the current stock is sufficient, if the stocks are not kept by our stock exchange, to see whether the buyer copies of foreign exchanges belonging to these goods are sufficient and to receive declaration confirmations from these exchanges. Leaflets; By signing the date, giving the registration number, it is signed by the registrar and the registration fee is calculated and the receipt is cut.


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