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Exchange Procedure Regulation


Provisions Regarding Membership Registration

Membership registration

Article 5 - According to article 32 of the Law, those who are obliged to register on the stock exchanges are obliged to register on the stock exchange in their location within one month from the date of their employment. The starting date is the date of purchase or sale.

Registration to the exchanges is made on request. However, the provisions of Article 7 of this Regulation are reserved for those who do not comply with the registration requirement according to the first paragraph of this article. In order to register on demand or ex officio member registration, it is obligatory that those who want to register are registered in the trade registry or in the register of tradesmen and craftsmen, and the purchasing or selling of the items subject to the stock exchange in these registrations. The provision of the third paragraph of Article 32 of the Law is reserved. These member records, which will be made according to occupational groups, are kept up to date in the common database organized within the Ministry and the Union electronically.

Exchanges update their member registrations in January of each year in accordance with Article 32 of the Law. According to this; Membership of those whose addresses and situations could not be determined from the first day of January of the second year before the current year until the date of the update, and those who did not buy or sell on the stock exchange items during this period are suspended by the decision of the parliament and they cannot benefit from the stock market services. The provisions of the first paragraph of this article do not apply to members who register on the stock exchange on the first day of January of the second year before and after the current year.

Membership of those whose membership is suspended due to lack of purchase and sale on the stock market items and their address and status cannot be determined, or the membership of those who report their addresses and situations is suspended by a parliamentary decision and their membership accruals are restarted by including the names of these members. However, these are not included in the voter lists unless they have paid all of their dues. Manufacturers directly selling to the consumer without producing the producers or mass production of the items included in the stock exchange can sell their own goods on the stock exchange even without registering on the stock exchange.

The registration of the informal economy is ensured by registering the purchase and sale of agricultural products and animal products to the stock exchange, thereby preventing the state withholding, tax and tax losses and evasions in these products.

In case the purchase and sale of agricultural and animal products are notified to the stock exchange on time, 50% withholding discount is used. Since the withholding is 50% off, the saving of commercial earnings arising from trading is somewhat eliminated.

We are constantly improving our service quality for our members registered on our Exchange.

- To make attempts and follow up on the results of our members by conducting investigations and researches in line with their wishes, expectations and problems in professional matters,

- To promptly notify our announcements regarding legislation changes and commercial life through web, mail, fax etc. communication means,

-To establish successful relations with its members, to ensure its continuity,

- To reach the highest possible standards in line with the demands and expectations of the members,

- To ensure that the personnel who face the customer with the continuous progress development program are equipped with the knowledge and skills they need to provide the best standards of service to the members.

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