Task and Responsibility of Commodity Exchange

Trade Exchanges, No. 5174 Turkey Chambers and Stock Exchanges Union with Chambers and Commodity Exchanges Act in Trading of the stock market, including substance within the framework of written guidelines and determination of the price of the exchange, registered and established to be busy posting jobs are the institution with a public entity.

According to the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey No. 5174 with Chambers and Commodity Exchanges Act, organizational goals and tasks of the stock market are listed as follows.


* Organizing and registering the trading of the items included in the stock exchange in the stock exchange.

* Determining and announcing the daily prices of substances included in the stock exchange in the stock exchange.

* To make general arrangements which will enter into force with the approval of the Association, showing the obligations of the buyer and seller in terms of delivery and delivery and payment, liquidation conditions of transactions, effective conditions on prices and discretionary arbitration procedures when disputes arise.

* Domestic and foreign stock markets and markets by following the price communication, electronic commerce and internet networks to guide its members.

* To issue and approve the documents in Article 51.

* Establishing laboratories and technical offices to determine the types and qualifications of the substances included in the stock exchange or participating in the establishments.

* To determine the customs, traditions and customs related to the stock exchange in their regions, submit them to the approval of the ministry and announce them.

* To make proposals, wishes and applications to the relevant governmental authorities on stock exchange activities; to file a lawsuit on behalf of these members or on their own behalf, in the interest of all or part of its members.

* To monitor the practices that are in the nature of agreements, decisions and concerted practices that may have distorting effects on the competition and to notify the relevant authorities in case of detection.

* Carrying out the works given to the ministries or other public institutions and organizations by the legislation in the event that they are deposited in the stock exchanges within the framework of the purpose and the field of establishment specified in this law.

* To provide the documents needed by its members and to provide the necessary services.

* Evaluate the applications to be made on domestic fairs and make proposals to the Union.

* To carry out the duties assigned by the other legislation and the duties to be assigned by the Union and the Ministry within the framework of the relevant laws.

The Kayseri Commodity Exchange deals with the economic and social problems of the region and province in addition to the duties mentioned in TOBB Law No. 5174 and analyzes these problems very well and proposes solutions.

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